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Diploma In X-Ray

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  • ELIGIBILITY : 10th / 12th

Diploma in X-Ray Technology is a undergraduate radiology course that is an electromagnetic radiation that penetrates within the human body and creates image of those structures on a photographic film. Radiological Technology is the production of medical images commonly called as X-rays. Students learn how to prepare patients undergoing X-rays and electrocardiogram procedures and endure the procedures are carried carefully. They also perform veni-puncture and injections as well as conduct back office laboratory tests. On Successful Completion of this course each and every candidate are applicable to work in the career employment areas like doctor’s office, private clinics, Government hospitals, medical labs, out patients care, colleges and universities and medical content writing etc. Also there lies various job types that a candidate can choose as his/her interest that can be any of the following X – Ray Technician, Assistant X- Ray Technician, Radiologist, Teacher, etc. X-Ray Technology is an electromagnetic radiation that penetrates within the body and creates images of these structures on photographic film or a fluorescent screen which later used by the doctor to understand a concerned problem. The program covers both clinical and administrative skills. The curriculum often includes several opportunities for hands-on training. This comprehensive program covers clinical courses in anatomy and patient care. The course opens many jobs in government and private sector after its successful completion.

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