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M.S.c Microbiology

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  • DURATION : 4 Semester
  • ELIGIBILITY : B.S.c Microbiology

Microbiology is known as the study of microorganisms. This includes the study of unicellular or single-celled, multicellular or a cell colony, or even those microorganisms lacking any kind of proper cell body. The subject of microbiology is a vast subject, including numerous sub-disciplines like virology, parasitology, mycology and bacteriology. M.Sc Microbiology is a Postgraduate course this consists of 4 semesters. This discipline consists of chemistry and biology for the investigation of the living system and the relationship with the environment. This course contains a deeper insight into microbiology which includes the study of all living organisms that are too small to be visible to the naked eye such as bacteria and fungi which are collectively known as microbes. The job opportunities for a graduate of M.Sc course are plenty in the public and private sectors.


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