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  • DURATION : 4 Semester

M.Voc course offers opportunities for aspirants to learn a skilled craft and flourish on their favorite art form. The course opens diverse job scopes in various industries like fashion, interior designing, hotels, and tourism-based industries. M.Voc. stands for Master of Vocation. As the name suggests, this is a vocational training program. Looking from academic level’s point of view, this is a Master’s Degree course.hrough the presentation of B.Voc., the UGC considerably improved the nature of professional training at the undergrad level. Presently it was the ideal opportunity for UGC to present a PG level professional training program. M.Voc or Master of Vocation is a college class that can be sought after in a wide scope of fields beginning from neighborliness, nourishment innovation, and medicinal services to inventive fields like realistic planning and excellence and health.

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